GMB Fire Alarms, Easter Weekend Chores And More…

You know the world is about to go a bit mad whenever bank holidays roll around, especially those around Christmas and Easter when you get a couple in quick succession. As you’ll know if you’ve read elsewhere on the site, we love competitions, especially the ones on TV like Good Morning Britain and other mind numbing shows that don’t take a great deal of thought, other than lodging our entry to win a massive prize.

So, imagine the confusion, when after an evening of indulgence in alcohol to welcome in a four day Easter weekend, I wake up to not so current news on ITV, waiting for news of their competition. It became clear pretty fast, even in my half zombielike state that something wasn’t right, as there didn’t seem to be too much particularly new about the news stories. It didn’t take long to figure out that the show wasn’t live on air, which turned out to be due to a fire in the studios, with the obvious immediate evacuation getting in the way of their usual rolling latest news.

It wasn’t quite the start of the day I was hoping for – namely no competition to enter in sight, but it’ll at least save me a walk to the post box to lodge my free entry.

The chores are now beckoning – some of you might already know that I spend a lot of time driving my truck down to central Europe and back, and as with most long distance lorry drivers, I don’t clean it as often as I should, so the rest of the day is going to be spent with the petrol pressure washer getting rid of months of dirt I’ve picked up from various parts of Europe.

It’s not exactly the most fun I could have over the Easter weekend, but it’s probably time to take action before I get pulled over when my plates become completely unreadable. Having said that, the reluctance to get started is only because it’s a work related job. A couple of weekends ago I remembered just how much fun it really is to unleash a high powered hose, and how satisfying those jets are, as we took to cleaning the local skate ramps. As you might have picked up on from our talk of skateboard brands recently, we’re quite into pretending we’re still teenagers when we think no-one is watching, even though the occasional trips to A&E always result in getting looks from NHS staff as if we really should grow up.

With the skate ramps, it really is down to owners of petrol pressure washers to get the job done, as there is nowhere to plug in anywhere in sight around the skate park, even thought those wimpy imitations wouldn’t be up to the job even if you could find power. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!